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Documentation of - a content network

The Titled Online Content Network logo, based on the ~ (tilde sign from the original latin titulus sign and Khula typeface family designed by Erin McLaughlin


On you connect with internet's titled content


  1. It analyzes content published online
  2. It centralizes all titles and links
  3. It puts everything on one page for you


  1. Content is more important than you can imagine
  2. Titles are the key aspect of content
  3. Mediawrite is the agency singular thought it's approach


  1. See the 5 concepts ... of of from the live launch event
  2. See recording of... (live)The launch of the content network
  3. The beta version has been launched on 04.09.2021, with a delay of around two months. See it live here
  4. Its first version is something like a demo / beta / preview showcase, and you can follow the project follow here
  5. See a short presentation here